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Marco Schuster - specialist for cars and motorbikes

We are specialized in:

  • accident reports
  • law court reports
  • 3D wheel alignment
  • 3D frame measurement
  • 3D body measurement

Technical expert for vehicle accidents damage - TÜV tested and certified

Marco Schuster

Tel.: 089/32307200



Please call me. You can also contact me by E-Mail or WhatsApp. 

We can advise you locally free of charge and without obligation and will be happy to help you to find solutions to any problems or answer any questions about your problem with the car. 

How much does a report about the damage cost?

Above expected costs over 750 Euro the ansurance have to pay the costs for a technical expert and the report of the damage. 

Are the expected costs under the 750 Euro an cost estimate is sufficient. But the cost estimate doesn´t incluted a depreciation and compensation for loss of use. Furthermore, no pictures are incluted. 

for free: First consultation, on site service and direct invoicing to insurance companies

Do you have an accident?

Procedure after an accident

1. Appointment:

Call or write to me by WhatsApp, email or my contact form. I´m sure to find a common, short-term appointment. Of course, I will also come to your home, your workplace or your workshop.


2. Evaluation

I look at the damage at your vehicle in detail, make expressive photos and read out the fault memory of all control units. I also write down all accident-related data in my formular. I will discuss the further process with you and answer any questions you may have.


3. Creation of the report

In my appraisal office, I calculate the amount of the repair, describe the extent of the damage, determine a reduction in value and document the loss of use and other important items. It usually takes 1-2 days to complete (depending on the effort).


4. Dispatch of the report

You will usually receive the report by email. Also by post (if you want). You get the original. I will send a copy directly to the insurance company or to your lawyer at the same time. This way there are no unnecessary delays and you will receive your money as quickly as possible if you want to have the costs of the damage paid out.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time. 


5. Claim settlement

Unfortunately, the duration of the claims settlement is very different. Depending on the insurance company and the respective clerk, it takes at least two weeks. But mostly longer. You can consider whether you want to repair the vehicle or have the damage paid out (fictitious billing). I will be happy to help you with this and give you useful advice.

Do you need a lawyer? How much does he cost?

If you want, I will recommend a law firm that specializes in traffic law and with whom I have been working successfully for a long time.

In the event of an accident through no fault of your own, the opposing insurance company will cover 100% of the costs. You do not need legal protection insurance and you do not have to pay in advance!

Since the costs are covered by the opposing insurance company, I generally advise you to hire a lawyer specializing in traffic law for any accident that is not your fault.

"Due to my many years of experience with various automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the field of development and quality, I guarantee my customers the highest level of expertise". 

Ihre Vorteile

your benefits

  • first consultation
  • free visit to your home or to your vehicle
  • independend of insuarance and workshops
  • no charge - direct invoicing with insurance
  • highest level of technical competence
  • 25 years experience in the automotive industry

Meine Berufserfahrung - Marco Schuster

about myself

  • many years of experience at vehicle manufacturers such as  Audi und BMW
  • expert knowledge from development
  • master mechanic
  • state certified technician
  • Certified vehicle expert for damage an assesement with TÜV certified qualification

Marco Schuster - Kfz-Sachverständiger und Gutachter aus München


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